Sakaguchi, Uematsu, and crew show the capabilities and potential of mobile gaming

My story on what drove me to start writing on medium.

The MOBA Genre has Been Dominating the ESPORT Scene and Pokemon Hopes To Take Center Stage With Pokemon Unite

Screenshot Source: Author

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To KINDLE VELLA

How to tell if you have a bad boss and the reason why employees quit their job

The Cult Classic from the creators of Final Fantasy Returns In a brand new sequel.

Screenshot source: Author

Todays review,a monster catching game similar to that of Pokemon.

Like single games inspired by games. like .hack:// and sword art online? CrossCode is probably right up your alley then.

Mathew Lawler

I’m 31 I live in colorado, My passions in life are reading writing and gaming. Author of Worlds Torn Asunder and Adam Maveric Vs. The Unstoppable Army on amazon

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